Gaming, at MAX!




I was just going to check in, when I figured that there hasn’t been many posts lately… this due to the reason being that I have so much homework and other stuff to do, but I’ll try to get a post at least once a week.

In other news, I’m working on some series… one of those being a weekly top 5 series… If you got any clips, for any console, upload to a FileSharing-site and post the link in the comment section, or email us the link, and you probably will get featured!

That’s pretty much what I had to say, so see you later guys!





Hello guys!

So, we are  at Sorlanet, and it’s just about to start!

Most of our members are here, except our “Editor” He has a mac, and is not in the mood of going to a computer partyFOR GAMING!

New members, of them all playing on PC.  I haven’t gotten their steam id’s but ill edit this post as soon as I have it! 😀

On other topics, we got some mini-clips coming up soon, so you wont be too bored 🙂

Thats all!



Peace, dawgs!

Hello guys!

It’s been a REALLY long time since i posted a video on this channel. The reason for that, being that there hasn’t been happening a lot lately and also having a LOAD of homework.

Well, a couple of days ago, i recruited 3 new members. 2 Of them are on pc, while the last one is our montage editor!

This means that we will be rolling out montages as often as we can, with good quality!

OH, and when i get some money, from my work, ill try to make a REAL Domain!… I think its gonna be or .net, .org, or .no! relax, will still work 😉

im kinda out of shit to talk about so…


long time, no see

Hello guys!

It’s been a long time since my last post, so i figured i would just tell you that theres not much new going on!

Im working on a intro, and a PC-montage, but progress is slow.

Im also thinking about getting a Dazzle or something like that, so that i can make some mw2 videos from xbox.

Btw, is there any things you want, regarding montages, top 10 clips, commentaries or something like that, send us an email @



Hello guys!
On the “About” page, you may ask anything you want!
You want a tryout for our clan, you may post a message there =)

Tryouts are held by Imbastyle, and you will be tested by your sniper-skills, with a sniper of your choice!

Post a message, send us an email on or add on:
XBL: FearfulTaZzEn or Imbastyle
PSN:  NFProductions
Steam: Tazzen952

I am in charge of the tryouts on PC, so if you only play on pc, be sure to add me on steam !


New designer!

Hello Guys!

Looks like we got ourself a new member! He plays on PS3, so if you guys wanna play with him,  add: NFProductions on psn! He’s the one responsible for recruiting on ps3 ! ;D

He’s our new GFX designer, so expect some awesome backgrounds on youtube, sweet intros and brand new logos!
He also makes a lot of music, so make sure to check out his channel on youtube:

and also, if you’d like to, write a comment on things you would like on a background, intro and stuff like that!

And also, if you play on pc, add Tazzen952 on steam, and ill get back to you! Steam is also the fastest way to get a response to a question! 😉


New logo!

Hello guys!

I just finished our temporary logo, and im trying to integrate it into the website… Ill have to change the design a lot, but ill tgry to make it happen…

Anyways, here is the picture!