Gaming, at MAX!

Finally up…

Well, i guess it’s time to release this website, so ill write a post about us.

We are a Clan calles ´´OpSM´´ we play on xbox 360 and we got a hauppauge hd pvr so no dazzle quality on here unless a upcoming member only got so! At this time we only make montages and no commentaries until we get bigger and find someone who feel comfortable making them.

This website is run by Lasse Gregersen (FearfulTaZzEn) and i’ll try to update as often as possible 😉

You wanna play with us? Add FearfulTaZzEn or imbastyle on XBL. (NO PS3 USERS)

got suggestions, wanna bragg about us? Post a comment, or send us an email at and we’ll get back to you!

we appreciate if you check out our videos on



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